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Eleven Steps

A guided step-by-step inner Spiritual journey, The Total Wellness Life Transformation Program


The Eleven Sequential and Integrated Steps for Attaining Inner Goodness and Total Wellness

Step 1: Being aware of your feelings

Being aware of your feelings (before you say or do anything). Without being aware of your feelings, you automatically react emotionally in a FIGHT or FLIGHT mode; and, emotionally react to, and act upon messages from your negative inner voice.

Step 2: Positive Inner Voice

Connecting with your inner Self — your positive inner voice.

Step 3: Go with Flow

Flow with it / Face it (appropriately dealing with your feelings).

Step 4: Meditation and Contemplation

Connecting with the Spirit within.


Step 5: Character Traits

Healthy and unhealthy character traits

Step 6: ValueSkills

Common values that can be taught as skills.

Step 7: Self Affirmations

A blueprint for the future YOU

Step 8:

Self-discovery activities

Joyful, life-enhancing emotionally healthy activities:

Step 9: Inner Goodness

Acquiring a Tapestry of Inner Goodness

Step 10: Physical Wellness

Attaining Physical Wellness

Step 11: Social Wellness

A Total Wellness
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