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Dr. Gil’s World-wide Coalition for Decency, Dignity, Integrity, and Civility.

Each group attending a Dr. Gil’s Meeting House is encouraged to create a unique name; such as
The Rochester Amazing Love-centered Meeting House; The Life Transformational Meeting House; or, Living with Hope through our Meeting House.

Premise One

Revisiting and reviving human development.
Premise Two
Learning about and understanding fear-based diseases.

Premise Three

Choosing  Quiet Resistance: Self-knowledge, Spiritual Knowledge, Living Knowledge as a human / spiritual reference book.

Premise Four

Realizing that we have failing religious organizations.

Premise Five

Immediately stopping all religious proselytizing, judging, and condemning others who believe differently.
Premise Six
Assuring that the church of the future reinvents, revitalizes, and re-charges its members.
Premise Seven
Presenting Jesus as a Spiritual Teacher for you and your small gathering of individuals attending your love-centered Meeting House.
Premise Eight
To internalize the value of appreciating, accepting, and celebrating all God-loving religious and spiritual beliefs of the world. You will feel inwardly free and empowered when you live without judgments and arrogance. This is celebrating and validating Religious Freedom!
Premise Nine
Learning together who we are as a community. Being open-minded, accepting, non-judgmental, kind-hearted, loving, and genuine opens the door for living The Cornerstones of Love: decency, dignity, integrity, and civility. Learning, sharing, growing, and loving together! The unification of a glorious and loving brotherhood and sisterhood among community members happens automatically!

Premise Ten

A reverence and respect shown toward four major religious books and the main text for The Meeting House – Quiet Resistance: Self-knowledge, Spiritual Knowledge, Living Knowledge.

Religious Books:

Quiet Resistance: Dr. Gil’s Meeting House Training Manual

Premise Eleven

Focusing on Jesus’ spiritual messages and parables.
As with all religious views of those attending The Meeting House, traditional conservative Christian beliefs (without political rhetoric and religious judgments) will be affirmed and celebrated and welcomed.

Premise Twelve
Living as a God-loving disciple, following the Spiritual messages of Jesus. Living an ethical, moral, decent, and civil life within your community.
Premise Thirteen
Putting love into action. The key to living today and preparing for tomorrow is living The Golden Rule — treating others the way you want to be treated.
Premise Fourteen
A call to love all your neighbors as you love your-self. The Meeting House teaches you how to love your inner Self, that vulnerable, fragile, sometimes confused, sometimes lost, but always glorious and precious inner Self. Remember The Paradox of Love:
Premise Fifteen
Celebrating what it’s like to walk in the love and light of God:
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